Friday, 12 February 2016

Universal Battle League - Game One

Universal Battle League - Game One 
The Hamster Menace 

Runic and I play a lot together so it was good for us to have a competitive battle. Normally in tournaments we rank just far enough that we hardly face each other bar once. This time however we got paired for round 1. 

"Low and behold it is yet another army raised from the land of the Elves, we shall thwart them as we have many times but be warned, for Elf trickery knows no bounds and it is through that trickery that we have lost many men before." - Swastakowey's Top Wench before battle.

Lists (Swastakowey = Basilea, Runic = Elves) 

Pregame Thoughts:

Swastakowey: Well Runic and I play a lot as been mentioned and usually one of two things happens, we play a safe match and it comes down to who can endure the grind or Runic takes a gamble to take me out of the game early. His gambles sometimes work but they also sometimes fail catastrophically. This is also one of his best lists yet and with so much shooting I will have to be very careful not to simply sit there and take shots. 

All in all, im feeling confident (as always) but against Runic it pays to keep an open mind. 

Runic: I do not predict the outcome of games. 


Forgetting to take a screen shot this is almost a deployment. Runic had actually finished moving here but still. The mission is Pillage and I gave Runic the first turn. There a5re 7 objectives with the Kindred Archers camping on one of them. 

Turn 1:

Runic - Pivoted his archers and moved up his tall spears. His chariots facing the Dragon decided to run away like elves do and his Dragon and Drakon riders are setting themselves up for something big. Really straight forward turn.

Swasta - Moved my line to be more favorable and moved my Eholi to make Runic think twice before committing to anything. My Dragon decided to zoom up given the opportunity and threaten the sides. 

All in all a boring opening turn. 

Turn 2

Runic - Big big turn for Runic. He took a gamble and got so close. His ranged did a combined 10 damage on the first Sisterhood Horde which they didn't falter from and did a whopping 17 damage to the Knight Horde. He got so close to breaking them too getting 1 off a waver on the worst roll he could get. If this had worked then I would have been in a very uncomfortable position. 

Swasta - Knights and Sisterhood went into the Elf Dragon while the Ur-Eholi took on the Drakon Riders. Everything else inched into position. I also healed the knights up. In combat I routed the Drakon Riders and did 15 wounds to the dragon getting a snake eyes for nerve! 

Turn 3

Runic - Big turn here, he wiped out both hordes of my infantry. The one flanking the Dragon he shot off the board and the other one was duel charged by Tall Spears. He managed to waver my Knights with an unfortunate roll, if he had taken out the knights then he would have taken the entire back bone of my army in one turn. 

Swasta - I heal up the knights for safety and flank charge with the Dragon and Ur-Eholi doing decent damage but not enough. Knights took out the Dragon after a bitter battle. 

Turn 4

Runic - All his shooting into 1 Ur - Eholi and spears counter charge the other Ur-Eholi and Dragon along with a flank charge from the chariots. The Troop of Panther Lancers have not yet charged but again in the moment forgetting to take a picture... He did decent damage all round but not enough. 

Swasta - Vengeance for the loss of my hordes was had today as my flyers got rear charges all round. My knights sit in wait and the troop of Lancers bounced off the chariots doing nothing. Dragon healed to decent amount. 

Turn 5

Runic - taking out 1 Ur-Eholi with ranged and destroying my poor panther lancers. His other chariots attempt to take an objective. At this point Runic is accepting of his defeat he can at best hold 3. He plays on but it's getting late so we breeze through from here. 

Swasta - Knights take 2 objectives, Ur-Eholi takes another, troop of Lancers continues holding one. Dragon contests center one and if the game goes on my phoenix will contest the chariot one on the left. With so much speed and units left it would be very hard to prevent Basilean Victory. 

Turn 6

Bland end but nothing really happened. Runic rolled a 2 for turn 7 and the game ended with my victory. 

Since in this League there are not variation in points once defeat is certain there is little you can do to try end more favorably. In NZ tournaments we have a variation score, where winner gets 15 points and loser gets 5, but the difference in kill points changes that score. So in this game Runic would have gone for "take as many down with me" at this point to try get more than 5 points if he can kill enough or lose less points if he is losing badly enough. But with no motivation to do so the best he could do was maybe contest 3 objectives and draw out the game. 

After Game thoughts:

Swastakowey victory

Runic and his gambles. Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont. The go big or go home approach has paid off and won him many games but this time he just didn't manage to do it. If he wiped my knights and had a similar turn wiping out my sister hood things would have been so different and hugely in his favour. 

All in all a good game. Next im facing some not real Basileans so I have expect a batrep as soon as he is ready. 

There can only be one Basilean Player Myster2. 

In a similar fashion Runic is facing off against some not real Elves in an effort to be superior Elves. Division 2 seems to be full of civil war in the coming round.