Monday, 22 February 2016

Unit Review #18 - Ratkin Weapon Team

Ratkin Weapon Team

Obviously found in the Ratkin list these little guys are very nifty little fighters and will be found in many Ratkin lists. 


Speed 6 is good. Being a war machine means they cannot move at the double so having a decent speed on the team means they aren't going to lag too far from your soldiers. 

Defense 4+ is average but really if something wants these dead they will die. 

10 Attacks is quite literally useless without the melee stat. 

Nerve is terrible. It will die to most things with ease so be sure to keep them a little safe. With the Ratkin there are plenty of chances to improve nerve and so on but since these guys are much slower than your list they may not always be around to make use of that. 

60 points is a little for what you get. They aren't so cheap that you can throw them away, especially when you have the storm of lead. 

All in all you have a fragile weapon platform which can do a lot of potential damage when used correctly. 


Breath Attack 10 is decent. Always hitting on 4s and a range of 12 means you have to make good use of your nimble rule to keep them out of harms way. 12 inch range with a move of 6 gives an effective range of 18". 

Nimble is important, that extra pivot means you have to try hard not to be able to shoot your target (assuming in range). With only a move of 6 though getting out of trouble can still be hard sometimes but more often than not you will be able to zoom out of the way and keep burning your enemy. 

War Engine sucks in all ways. The inability to move at the double and triple attacks when charged really makes these things easy targets. Especially when in order to shoot a target you are often in putting yourself in the threat range of the enemy. 

Storm of Lead (if upgraded) adds piercing 1 which is highly recommended. You do more wounds per point than without the storm of lead upgrade (unless the target has defense 2...) so there is absolutely no reason not to take the upgrade. 

All in all a good weapons platform but extremely fragile. 


As said before get the storm of lead upgrade. Even with the extra 20 points you do considerably more wounds per points than without. 

So with this in mind whats the best use of the Weapon Team? Due to their slow speed and lower range you will often find them in the back field. What are the best backfield jobs a unit can do? Flyer defense and objective camping. If your enemy has flyers keep your weapon behind your troops so that they can consistently pester any flyers that try pull shenanigans. Perhaps you lost a flank and these guys are the only thing stopping the enemy from hitting the vulnerable parts of your army. 

They are vulnerable though so always try keep out of charge arcs. If your opponent has someone like Basusu the Vile or any flying individual fighting character then your weapon teams are likely to die since they cannot escape it. However your if you have multiple weapon teams you might just get a few shots off before dying. 

Back field is where these guys are usually stuck so its best to plan their use for this area. Personally I would recommend 3 of them if you are going to take them. If a flyer goes in for the kill against them it means next turn the flyer has to take 20 breath attacks in return. Or if you get lucky and the enemy flyer lands nearby that's 30 attacks. Of course this even 2 will be fine since 3 is a pretty big investment but if you are going to take these you need more than 1 or the enemy can usually kill it without it getting to do it's job. 

I have almost lost a flyer because 3 of these guarded the rear of a Ratkin line and it's the most effective way I have ever seen them used in my battles. 


A little pricey I think but when in a group they create a scary zone of death in the back field. If you can find the points they are worth taking. 

Terrible if you don't take the Storm of Lead upgrade.

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