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Unit Review #15 - Dragon Kindred Lord

Dragon Kindred Lord

A name that strikes fear in the hearts of many enemies and is one of the more fearsome dragons around and is found in the Elf list.


Speed of 10 is great obviously, enhanced more so by having fly. 

Melee of 3+ is also great, being the best you can get without upgrades. 

Defense of 5+ is ok for something like this but it can be fixed thankfully.

10 Attacks is pretty good too. Not gonna kill things on the front but when you flank or rear charge them they start to get nasty. 

Nerve of 17/19 is great as well. It makes a best like this hard to remove even if you manage to catch him. 

Points on this thing is pricey but if you know how to use it, it is well worth the cost. 

Verdict, there is no true reason not to take one really. 


Breath attack of 15 is very handy to have, often with a flyer you don't want to charge (for charging is certain doom) but you may want to burn some support hero or chaff. With elite you can get a few more hits than usual and do a surprising amount of damage. With height 4 little can hide from you too.

Crushing Strength of 3 is wounding all but the toughest of enemies on 2s. With only 10 attacks every hit needs to count. 

Elite is amazing as always. The amount of extra hits an elf player can get over a game is huge. It's a huge boon to an already decent stat line army.  

Fly is where this monster truly shines though. We will go over it in the tactics section but it's pretty clear that the fly gives this guy a huge threat range and an array of choices every phase. 

Inspiring is just icing on the cake. If his durability ever fails him he has that re roll on the dice. Of course if he happens to be nearby any allies they have that same benefit too. 

Overall nothing in his profile is wasted here, it's all great and helps this unit do it's job very well.


So first up lets talk the role of the Dragon. For any new player reading this, he is not to be charging enemy units head on. Not only is this wasteful since he wont kill much it also means the enemy can likely swarm and kill him. So what is the dragon for?

  • Flying behind the enemy and hitting rear arcs and flanks late game. 
  • Forcing your opponent to move in ways they don't want or be charged in a flank/rear. 
Those are his two big jobs. Nothing is safe from a rear charge of the dragon so your opponent must do what he can to prevent it. But since you have a huge amount of move if he tries to counter the dragon but turning units around you can have other units hitting them instead. The Dragon is a killer of opportunity but a threat full time. 

With a base size of 50X50 he can do this job so well and it's always a waste to see a Dragon zoom forward and die because the player thinks it is a unit killer. Now with that out of the way here are two great combos and uses I have seen from the dragon.

The Green Lady + Dragon with Enscrolled armour. 

Now with a defense 6 Dragon how many wounds do you think your average army can dish out to it? Not a lot. Maybe slowly over time. Now imagine the green lady, who also has defense 6 and fly, healing what little damage you put on the dragon? Sort of makes hurting the dragon a waste of time right? 

It sounds expensive but remember, in scenarios like invade/dominate you almost have a guaranteed 500 or so points to land in the points area.  

The Green Lady + Dragon with Enscrolled armour + Drakon Riders Horde with Brew of Strength.

Getting even pricier now but with a Drakon Rider Horde + Dragon backed up by the heal from the green lady means you have a hammer that can break most units in one charge. They both have fly so if you need to both can do the job of the flying harasser when needed but ultimately you can also resort to frontal charges this way. 

The Dragon is a large investment and the investment grows if you want to make the best use out of it. It can all go down the drain if you use them wrong. So watch out for things like enemy surgers trying to get into the flanks or bait where an enemy gives you a juicy target surrounded by Dragon killing death machines. Another thing to consider is massed high piercing shooting as that can ruin a Dragons day. 

This Dragon is not an auto win unit, it requires some planning and knowing when to simply not charge or move and when to sit still. Don't be afraid to wait as having your 310+ point dragon alive is almost always worth it. 

You will also often find that the Dragon can move somewhere and not charge but can still shoot. This is where you eliminate chaff or inspiring units to help out the rest of your army. With Elite you'll be surprised how many hits you get and often it is enough to break some of the weaker stuff out there. 


All in all the Dragon Kindred Lord is excellent and all Elf Players should look into one and especially give it the enscrolled armour. I think it is one of the better Dragon types out there. 

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