Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Unit Review #10 - Villein Initiates

Villein Initiates

The Villein Initiates can be found in the Brother Hood lists and is a very straightforward unit to look at. 


Speed of 8 is average for Cavalry which is good. 

Melee is 4+ which is average. Compared to real Knights this is the units biggest downfall. 

Defense 5+ is good and on par with most knights. 

Attacks are also like all the other knights which is good.  

Nerve is below average compared to all the real Knights out there. Being 1 nerve less I think. 

Points are the units strong suit being considerably cheaper than full knights. This means if you are taking a mounted list or need cheap support these guys can be your go to without as much of an investment. 

All in all slightly worse knights. Hitting on 4s is the units downfall but for it's points it's a very good unit already. 


Thunderous Charge of 2 is about standard with these human knights, position them correctly and they will hit like a ton of bricks. 

Villein. This rule isn't really in it's profile but it is in it's name. These will be given rally by many other knight units in the Brotherhood list. This is really good because it is likely they will be supporting/taking hits for the real knights. 


Alright so for 165 points you get 16 attacks, speed 8 and 5+ armour. I would not be surprised if these are the most powerful peasant type unit in the game... Anyway these very little and regiments are still potent units. 

In terms of Brotherhood once you have selected all of your fancy knights (who offer Rally to Villeins) get some of these to fill in the gaps, support charges or even take charges. A horde of Brotherhood knights with potion of the caterpillar is a deadly thing and well worth the points but then 2 regiments of these guys to support it means you are making up for their low nerve and have a huge amount of attacks for a pretty low investment. 

As a horde the real knights do it far better, so keep these as regiments. These regiments shouldn't be used as chaff or blockers unless you really have nothing else. The Villein Reconnoiters are far superior for chaff in this regard. These are extra punch on the cheap units. and a good for having extra bodies on the field that are tough and pack a punch. 

If you are making a cavalry based force these will likely be in there to beef out your numbers. This is where their points strength comes in, a regiment of these guys are hardly much more than a troop of your other knights. You get far more attacks, TC 2 as covered but are only hitting on 4s. These are like your basic infantry but on horse back with extra armour.

Save Potion of the Caterpillar for the real knights and be sure to simply keep these cheap. 

As for hordes I wouldn't recommend it over the horde of standard knights. A horde of knights is something you want one of and you want it to be the better knights. If you really are tight for points and need a lot of mounted attacks these guys are still going to be decent but they are never going to hit as hard as normal knights. 

Not much more to say really, it's pretty obvious where they stand and if you are going for a cavalry heavy list and need more bodies on the field just a few of these can be taken without a huge investment. 


A Good Cavalry unit when you account for it's cost and when used in unison with Rallying knights.   

An Average Choice as your main Cavalry and with all the Cavalry choices open to you it makes these guys a little bare looking. 

Just take a couple if you want more speed and more units that can hit pretty hard. Not the kind of unit to go overboard with at all. 

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