Monday, 8 February 2016

My Samurai Army - Kings of War

Kings of War Samurai

A while back now I decided to jump into KOW with Kindoms of Men and found these Samurai going for half price. After a few weeks of speed painting and late nights I manged to get these finished and ready for the first Tournament. I went with the most brightest colours I could and easiest scheme I could paint and this was the result. 

Of course I quickly moved on to Basileans and much prefer them. Most of these troops are self explanatory but the infantry are usually used as whatever I need them to be. 

Very few (if any) bases have the appropriate number of soldiers since the terrain and groupings really restricted the number of soldiers I could fit without it looking silly. I think the hordes combined have less than 60 soldiers (should be 80) one having 33 and the other 26 I think? 

This was also shared on The Fields of Blood Which has a lot of other cool KOW related stuff on there.