Thursday, 4 February 2016

Battle Report #1 - Trident Realms Vs Elves

Frog Rising

The Frogs of Mantica are sick of being cuisine for the other races and are finally rising up, fighting the Elves who dare venture to hunt them for their delicious (well so they say) Frog Legs. Little did the Elves know these amphibians had rallied together and formed the largest force of frogs ever found under one banner in Mantica. Too many legs have been lost.

Horrific victim of the Frog hunting raids
I think I may have played the largest amount of Frogs in one list in KOW so far, taking a whopping 152 Frogs backed by 2 Coral Giants. Obviously not a serious list but as all my opponents know I am a HUGE FAN OF RIVER GUARD. Something about the unit just sticks out to me. So it was only a matter of time before I made an army of the little guys. 

Anyway so here are the Lists:

Jayden (me) - Trident Realms

NOTE: ALL RIVERGUARD HAVE CS1 AND DEFENSE 3 I was just lazy when I wrote the list. 

Rex - Elves

So as we see a pretty balanced Elf List vs my freak list. Game was Pillage. 

Lets look at the deployment:

I split my force into 2 groups, half my force in the center and half in the far left. Plan was to dominate 4 of the pillage tokens with sheer numbers. My opponent planned to use the forest as cover I think but since my whole army ignored difficult terrain and I didn't get to shoot all that much it didn't really matter. His archers took the hill and his flyers are in the middle ready to tackle anything that needs it. 

I rolled for first turn but gave it to my opponent.

Rex Turn 1

This turn was super simple, he moved forward. Now before we get into this the game was super casual and so mistakes were made. His vanguard was effectively getting him into position left side. His other flank was very strong with the archers and tall spears backed by a lot for close by support. 

Jayden Turn 1

This turn revealed some mistakes on Rex's part, He was within charge range in the right flank and so I swarmed the tall spears with 2 River Guard regiments and the coral giant doing 10 wounds but not fluffing the nerve rolls. Left side of my forces preparing to swarm and claim the objectives there. 

Rex Turn 2

The Master Hunter breaths flame on a regiment of River Guard ALMOST wavering them. His Dragon has better luck removing a troop of River Guard by the house. His archers get 6 wounds on the Coral Giant but fails to waver him. The Drakkon riders are being very scary behind my lines. Tall spears are healed down to 1 wound and then dish out 7 wounds to my regiment but failing to do anything with the nerve roll. Unfortunately for Rex he didn't hit as hard as he wanted this round.

Jayden Turn 2

This round I hit hard removing the Tall Spears, wavering the Hunters of the wild and damaging the other. The Dragon took minimal damage and the master Hunter got lucky and survived an attack. I got out of range of the Drakkon Riders and was in a very strong position after this. 

Rex Turn 3

Rex really had to turn it around this turn but didn't achieve anything near what he wanted. He wavered the regiment of River Guard with his master hunter, wavered a troop of River Guard Guard with his Hunters of the Wild who just got healed and failed to do anything to the Coral Giant with his archers. The Dragon lord got healed up and finished off the RIver Guard pestering him. This was one of those games where the plan did not go as expected.

Jayden Turn 3

This turn was great for me as I killed the last of the Wild Guard and got myself in a great position to wreak havoc later. With his main combat troops gone he was in a tight spot and really needed his Dragon to pull his weight along with the Riders. 

Rex Turn 4

Rex willingly gave me his Dragon Rear after the combat so he could do damage later a risk but it could pay off. Archers did one damage in combat and also got healed up. Drakkon riders ate my regiment of River Guard and the Master Hunter failed miserably to breath attack my River Guard. 

Jayden Turn 4

This is the turn that really nailed the Coffin. Everything charged this turn (bar one unit). Dragon was hit by a rear Frog Charge and a frontal Coral Giant Charge and was wavered (thank to Brutal), Drakon riders got hurt but nothing major. Master Hunter was Wavered. The Mage got charged (thanks to fly) by River Guard and the Green Lady was charged by a River Guard captain. I managed to wound both of them shutting down his healing. Archers got charge by my River Guard and Coral Giant doing minimal damage. 

Rex Turn 5

Little he could do now so he decided to just die in a blaze of glory. His Drakkon Riders ate both my River Guard captain and Troop that charged them in one go and his archers again failed to do anything meaningful With no healing there was no coming back from this. 

Jayden Turn 5

Dragon, Mage and Drakkon are all dead. A wonderful round of charging on my part. It was at this point my opponent conceded and we called it a day. 

After game thoughts:

Celebrations are to be had in the ponds all over Mantica. Today is the day Frog Cousin prices are driven up and supply dries up. On this day Frogs ate various Dragon and Elf meats starting the age of vengeance. For as long as people can remember Frogs had been digested by the masses but now is the age where the digested start becoming the digesters...

Now this list would not do well in any serious setting, it has little tools to deal with most enemies. The game was just a casual time waster and so mistakes where made on the Elf team that cost him the game. Giving me charges and allowing me to get in some early damage really showed later in the game. 

All in all it was just a fun battle and I had to show the River Guard in Action. If anyone reading this is looking at Trident Realms I strongly suggest taking about 4 troops of River Guard with CS1. In my opinion one of the best units in the force when used properly. 

Normally I don't enjoy it when an opponent quits (it doesn't happen often) but this was just a bit of a joke game. Great fun and I look forward to doing Battle reports with my real models in the coming days.