Sunday, 31 January 2016

Unit Review #8 - Morax


Morax are up and they can be found in the Orc list. Sharing some similarities with the Greatax this review will look at their differences and also cover the general uses of the mighty Morax. 


Speed of 5 lets this unit down a little bit as it will often be subject to being charged or threatened of being charged. Chaff is needed to absorb anything like this. 

Melee of 3+ is excellent putting him with the Elite Units of the game. 

Defense 4+ is average. Considering that many units of this type (high attacks but capped at regiment) have only defense 3+ it gives them a slight edge here. 

Attacks are excellent. Almost horde quantity of attacks at a troop base size is great, and horde at regiment size is sweet too. This is the units strength here. It's unit size to attacks ratio. 

Nerve is average so keep them safe until they get a chance to hit. Thankfully Orcs have things such as war drums to help with this. 

Points are a bit high. Most troops are usually (emphasize usually) between 100-120 depending on the type but 140 is higher than usual. I think buying this unit as a troop is ideal for damage output but regiments are more likely to hold their ground. 

Overall this unit is a glass cannon. It hits hard and hits a lot but it is slow and easily frightened. 


Base Size 25X25 is tough. It makes these units much bigger and much more likely to go through terrain or get blocked etc. There is little benefit to a bigger base size for pure combat units. 

Crushing Strength 1 is alright. Often people look at the Greatax and their CS2 but this unit relies on quantity of attacks on a smaller base over the more powerful attacks. Against most targets you are hitting on 3s wounding on 3s which is pretty good. When you account for the amount of attacks you are getting the CS1 starts to not look so bad. 

Really not much here, bigger bases is a pain but CS1 is ok. Pretty basic here. 


So lets talk about the obvious first. 

When to Morax and when to Greatax? 

Morax are at their best when they are in troops. 20 CS1 attacks hitting on 3s is very good. I personally would have my Morax behind my main line hitting anything that gets through my main line. The biggest weakness of the Morax is you have a lot of points tied into an averagely nerved and defense unit. So being cautious with them is probably a good idea. 

If you are after a huge block of troops with more power than the Morax then go for the Greatax Horde. The Greatax Horde has more attacking power than the Morax regiment, has better nerve and more importantly only costs 40 points more. 

I suppose it boils down to Greatax fight the big fights with big units while Morax are support and mop up crew who fight in small units. 

A Morax troop will do far more than a Greatax troop (while paying more for this) while a Greatax horde will do far more than a Morax regiment (which you pay more for).

Before we move on from this 

Morax can also act as chaff if needed but they are slower than light cav chaff. This is the kind of road block that you actually have to fear if it gets to charge or fight back though. Especially when you realize what will be coming behind them. 

As with all Orc units have a drum or 2 and inspire. Your units are big and expensive so you want to keep them all in the fight as long as possible. 

Im not really sure what more to say here as it seems pretty straight forward from here. Morax are good but don't make them the basis of your army, have them help the basis of your army and they should perform well if you can keep them alive. 


An average unit. A solid troop choice that requires some care but can hit like a train of orc. Use them as chaff or as back field watchers or even flankers etc just make sure they are helping the main line. 

As usual Average does not mean bad. Average is good because it means it has flaws and positives to consider. It also means it can do it's job competently.  

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