Sunday, 31 January 2016

Unit Review #8 - Morax


Morax are up and they can be found in the Orc list. Sharing some similarities with the Greatax this review will look at their differences and also cover the general uses of the mighty Morax. 

Unit Review #7 - Therennian Sea Guard

Therennian Sea Guard

By reader request we the Therennian Sea Guard up to be looked at. I have the unfortunate task of fighting these guys very frequently and I definitely have a few recommendations. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Unit Review #6 - Fleabag Riders

Fleabag Riders

By reader request we have the Fleabag Riders up next and they are pretty awesome models, lets see if they have the rules to match their good looks.

Review #5 - The Death Engine

The Death Engine

Death Engines are the odd contraptions found in the Ratkin list. A few options that completely change this unit so lots to discuss with this one. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Unit Review #4 - Herja Of The Fallen

Herja Of The Fallen

Herja Of The Fallen is a hero from the Varangur list. Considering her base size she is a beast of a man. Heaps to talk about here. 

Unit Review #3 - Gigas


Giga are up and this is certainly an interesting unit to look at. Giga can be found only in the Trident Realms and have an interesting few quirks that we will discuss. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Unit Review #2 - Tree Herder

Tree Herder

The Random Number Generator has spoken and decided that the Tree Herder is next on the chopping block. The Tree Herder can be found in the Elf and Forces of Nature lists. Lets look at his profile and pull it apart. 

Unit Review - Naiad Ensnarers

Naiad Ensnarers

The Naiad Ensnarers can be found among the Nertican and Forces of Nature lists, they are one of the more unique basic units in Kings of War. So before we go into it any further lets take a look at this units profile and abilities.