Monday, 22 February 2016

Unit Review #18 - Ratkin Weapon Team

Ratkin Weapon Team

Obviously found in the Ratkin list these little guys are very nifty little fighters and will be found in many Ratkin lists. 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Unit Review #17 - Battle Driller

Battle Driller

An odd Dwarf contraption that can be a pain in an opponents backside. A rather big punch for a little unit this guy can be a lot of fun to use. 

Unit Review #16 - Revenant Worm Riders

Revenant Worm Riders

The Worm Riders are found in the Empire of Dust lists and have an odd place in the Large Cavalry role. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Universal Battle League - Game One

Universal Battle League - Game One 
The Hamster Menace 

Runic and I play a lot together so it was good for us to have a competitive battle. Normally in tournaments we rank just far enough that we hardly face each other bar once. This time however we got paired for round 1. 

"Low and behold it is yet another army raised from the land of the Elves, we shall thwart them as we have many times but be warned, for Elf trickery knows no bounds and it is through that trickery that we have lost many men before." - Swastakowey's Top Wench before battle.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Unit Review #15 - Dragon Kindred Lord

Dragon Kindred Lord

A name that strikes fear in the hearts of many enemies and is one of the more fearsome dragons around and is found in the Elf list.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Unit Review #14 - Ogre Shooters

Ogre Shooters

Ogre Shooters are amazing for many reasons. Found in the Ogre lists obviously these guys pack a big punch. 

My Samurai Army - Kings of War

Kings of War Samurai

A while back now I decided to jump into KOW with Kindoms of Men and found these Samurai going for half price. After a few weeks of speed painting and late nights I manged to get these finished and ready for the first Tournament. I went with the most brightest colours I could and easiest scheme I could paint and this was the result. 

Of course I quickly moved on to Basileans and much prefer them. Most of these troops are self explanatory but the infantry are usually used as whatever I need them to be. 

Very few (if any) bases have the appropriate number of soldiers since the terrain and groupings really restricted the number of soldiers I could fit without it looking silly. I think the hordes combined have less than 60 soldiers (should be 80) one having 33 and the other 26 I think? 

This was also shared on The Fields of Blood Which has a lot of other cool KOW related stuff on there.  

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Unit Review #13 - Komodon


The Komodon can be found in the Salamander Forces. This is a unique war machine in that it is a monster and not a war machine... being able to put up a fight in melee if it has to. 

Im going to review this as a war machine though since ultimately that is it's role. 

Unit Review #12 - Tortured Souls

Tortured Souls

Found the Abyssal Army these guys take up an interesting place in the force. Abyssals lack shambling so these guys cannot pull the shenanigans of other races. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Unit Review #11 - Zombie Trolls

Zombie Trolls

Zombie Trolls are very similar to wights and can be found in the Undead list. This review will be looking at the Zombie Trolls in General and also how they compare to the wights. 

Battle Report #1 - Trident Realms Vs Elves

Frog Rising

The Frogs of Mantica are sick of being cuisine for the other races and are finally rising up, fighting the Elves who dare venture to hunt them for their delicious (well so they say) Frog Legs. Little did the Elves know these amphibians had rallied together and formed the largest force of frogs ever found under one banner in Mantica. Too many legs have been lost.

Horrific victim of the Frog hunting raids
I think I may have played the largest amount of Frogs in one list in KOW so far, taking a whopping 152 Frogs backed by 2 Coral Giants. Obviously not a serious list but as all my opponents know I am a HUGE FAN OF RIVER GUARD. Something about the unit just sticks out to me. So it was only a matter of time before I made an army of the little guys. 

Anyway so here are the Lists:

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Value of Annoyance - Heroes

The Value of Annoyance - Heroes

This is the first general tactics post because I feel like typing out some thoughts about Kings of War and today it's on the value of annoyance in relation to many heroes. 

Unit Review #10 - Villein Initiates

Villein Initiates

The Villein Initiates can be found in the Brother Hood lists and is a very straightforward unit to look at. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Unit Review #9 - Flamebearers


The Flamebearers are a ranged unit found in the Abyssal Forces and they have potential. Being one of the few ranged units in the Abyssal list they serve an important role in a Abyssal army. 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Unit Review #8 - Morax


Morax are up and they can be found in the Orc list. Sharing some similarities with the Greatax this review will look at their differences and also cover the general uses of the mighty Morax. 

Unit Review #7 - Therennian Sea Guard

Therennian Sea Guard

By reader request we the Therennian Sea Guard up to be looked at. I have the unfortunate task of fighting these guys very frequently and I definitely have a few recommendations. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Unit Review #6 - Fleabag Riders

Fleabag Riders

By reader request we have the Fleabag Riders up next and they are pretty awesome models, lets see if they have the rules to match their good looks.

Review #5 - The Death Engine

The Death Engine

Death Engines are the odd contraptions found in the Ratkin list. A few options that completely change this unit so lots to discuss with this one. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Unit Review #4 - Herja Of The Fallen

Herja Of The Fallen

Herja Of The Fallen is a hero from the Varangur list. Considering her base size she is a beast of a man. Heaps to talk about here. 

Unit Review #3 - Gigas


Giga are up and this is certainly an interesting unit to look at. Giga can be found only in the Trident Realms and have an interesting few quirks that we will discuss. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Unit Review #2 - Tree Herder

Tree Herder

The Random Number Generator has spoken and decided that the Tree Herder is next on the chopping block. The Tree Herder can be found in the Elf and Forces of Nature lists. Lets look at his profile and pull it apart. 

Unit Review - Naiad Ensnarers

Naiad Ensnarers

The Naiad Ensnarers can be found among the Nertican and Forces of Nature lists, they are one of the more unique basic units in Kings of War. So before we go into it any further lets take a look at this units profile and abilities.